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  • The Value of Luminosity, Vividness and Radiance

    In grocery markets, fine food stores, food service businesses, excellence in presentation and merchandising is the goal. If done correctly, the result will be a greater volume of sales, higher dollar value of sales, greater dollar savings in operational costs and improved customer satisfaction.

    Shops are eager to showcase their best products and look for tools to naturally emphasize and reveal the foods organic colors. Image of meat case lightsBut tempting shoppers is about more than just color, it's about product freshness, flavor and moisture.

    The overall appearance sets a picture of quality and selection in the consumers mind, and optimizing your display case to reach that level of distinction can only really begin with proper case lighting.

    PROMOLUX lamps are unmatched in the industry for providing true color definition and the highest level of product protection. PROMOLUX lamps keeps foods fresh, help retain their natural flavors and moisture content so that items not only look their best, they taste their best too.

    Authentic Displays That Reinforce Your Sales Strategy

    PROMOLUX lamps should be installed in display cases where fresh foods are in close proximity to light and where presentation and freshness are critical.

    Ideal for all types of commercial food cases and displays, PROMOLUX is best served for service cases featuring fresh meats, seafood, deli items and bakery goods.

    Image of hot chicken case lightsNext, a variety of self-serve and multi-deck cases that should also be outfitted with PROMOLUX includes self-serve meat cases and packaged deli merchandisers, produce wet racks, dairy line-ups and beverage coolers.

    Not to be forgotten are the floral departments and food service display cases like hot prepared food merchandisers, sandwich and beverage coolers, salad bars and buffet tables etc.

    When it comes to providing innovative lighting for grocery and food service display cases, our balanced spectrum, low radiation lights have the quality features you've come to expect in a premium class of food lighting.

    Protect your displays and your bottom line, ensure all fresh food merchandise is presented in its most appealing light with full natural color prompting impulse shopping and increased customer spending.

    Contact us right now to order PROMOLUX for your fresh food display cases

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